Applying For Scholarships

Delphian Scholarships at the University of Houston

The Houston Assembly of Delphian Chapters awards two types of Delphian scholarships each spring. The scholarships are for $2,000/semester to qualified students for fall and spring semesters. The Delphian Foundation Scholarship is administered by the Houston Assembly of Delphian Chapters Scholarship Foundation(HADCSFF). The second is the Delphian Endowment Scholarship that is administered by the University of Houston. We encourage students to apply for both scholarships if they have the qualifications. 

The differences between the scholarships are as follows:

  Foundation    Endowment
 Campus UH Main Campus and UH-Downtown
 UH Main Campus
 Gender Women only
 Citizenship    US Citizens
 US Citizens or Permanent Residents
 Administration HADCSFF UH Financial Aid/Scholarship Office

 Applications for the Delphian Foundation Scholarship are submitted to the Delphian organization. Detailed requirements are outlined on the application. Applications are available here for downloading below.  Once completed the application and transcripts should be mailed to the Houston Assembly of Delphian Chapters Scholarship Foundation Fund at the address on the application. 
Applications for scholarships for the 2016- 2017 academic year will be accepted beginning January 1, 2016. Scholarship applications must be received by March 1, 2016 in order to be considered.

The Delphian Endowment Scholarship applications are submitted to the University of Houston. Forms are available from the UH web site and from the UH SFA Counter in the Welcome Center and at the UH Financial Aid/Scholarship Office, E Cullen Bldg., Room 31. 

The awarding of a Delphian Foundation Scholarship is based on these factors: Scholarship, Merit, Character, and Financial Need as determined by the Delphian Scholarship Committee.

Delphian Foundation scholarships are awarded to undergraduate sophomore, junior, and senior women students at the University of Houston and University of Houston-Downtown. Interviews for the Delphian Foundation Scholarship will not be scheduled until the Delphian office receives the following information from the applicant.
Applicant must be classified by the University of Houston/University of Houston-Downtown as an undergraduate sophomore, junior or senior woman student. Applicants are chosen without regard to age, race or ethnic origin.
Applicant must have a cumulative Grade Point Average of at least 3.00 from all colleges.
Need must be established by submitting a current tax return. If supported by parents, each parent's current tax return must be submitted.
Applicant must be a citizen of the United States.
With the application each applicant is required to present an official University of Houston/University of Houston-Downtown academic transcript and/or transcripts from all previously attended University/Colleges.
Applicants must reside in the Houston, Harris County area, or the immediate surrounding counties of Montgomery, Liberty, Waller, Brazoria, Fort Bend, Chambers, or Galveston.
Priority may be given to the head of a single parent household.
The recipient shall not accept more than one other scholarship of equal value and none higher than a Delphian Scholarship. The recipient may accept any number of other scholarships lower than the Delphian Scholarship. Awards, grants, loans and gifts are not considered scholarships.

If selected as a Delphian Scholar, the scholarship is limited to Fall and Spring Semesters only up to eight semesters or graduation, whichever comes first. A Delphian Scholar in good standing may request a Summer Semester award if that Summer Semester class qualifies the student for early graduation or there is a course required for graduation and that course is offered only during the Summer Semester Session. The regulation requiring a minimum semester load of 12 hours may be suspended for the approved Summer Semester and for semesters when a scholar is student teaching or in an intern program. (If a scholar does not meet the requirements for a semester, the scholar will not be funded the following semester. The funds for the semester not funded are therefore forfeited.)

All selected Delphian Scholars shall be required to:
Maintain at least a 3.00 GPA each semester.
Complete a minimum of 12 hours each semester.
 Accept no other scholarships of higher value and no more than one of equal value to the Delphian Scholarship.
Attend mid-semester interviews each semester.

  As part of the Delphian mentoring program, the scholar is asked to attend and help with the Delphian Gala each year, attend the Scholars Tea when held and attend the May luncheon. The Scholars shall be guests of the Delphian organization at these events.

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